My poetry book is published!

Swimming in the Wild, Wide Ocean, poetry collection by Amanda CaldwellMy NaNoWriMo success gave me a free proof copy of a self-published book through CreateSpace, so I've published a collection of my poetry, Swimming in the Wild, Wide Ocean, Seasons of Verse: 1989-2009. Yes, I had to dig through boxes in storage and old journals to get back that far! I nixed quite a few deliciously atrocious poems, and I trust that what's left is a good sampling of my thoughts, prayers, and creativity over the years.

Or, as I wrote for the back copy:

"Swim free from me / from this pool out into the / wild, wide ocean." These collected works span twenty years of Amanda Caldwell's poetry, from the tasks of school to the allures of nature, from the joy of married love to the grief of loss, from the first steps of parenthood to the rocky journey of faith. Arranged by season, the poems bring the reader full circle through a representative year of blessings, challenges, and transitions.

Courtney gave me the idea to arrange the poems according to season, one complete year from summer to summer. Steve worked hard designing the cover and proofing for me.

Buy it here at CreateSpace or here through Amazon.

My understanding is that standard shipping is cheaper through CreateSpace unless you're buying enough at Amazon to qualify for the free Super Saver Shipping.

CreateSpace is print-on-demand publishing, so they'll print up as many as you want. So don't be afraid to buy a caseload!

Or, you know, just read some poetry on here for free. Wait, I'm a terrible salesperson.


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations, Amanda! How exciting--I can't wait to see it in person and read all your poetry. We'll have to swap stories on the publication process so I can decide if I want to try out CreateSpace for my next book. And I suppose, since you did give me credit for my idea, I won't demand a cut of your royalties :o).

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