Site design

Here's a metapost for you. I used someone's cool theme for my blog and kept meaning to download and link to all the little images on my own but not, you know, getting around to it. And now they're all gone. So...new or revised design coming.

Soon, you ask?

See above.

As long as I'm being meta, here are things I wish for in Blogger:
  • For it to be easier to have multiple user profiles for multiple blogs. That is, if I'm running an professional blog, I don't necessarily want my profile to connect back to my family blog. The only option is to turn off your profile on particular blogs.
  • For block quote, horizontal lines like the above, lists like this, centering, etc., not to mean that the formatting in the rest of the following text is lost. Bleh.
  • For easier and reliable WYSIWYG editing. I had to look up the HTML for horizontal lines. Can't that be included?
  • For streamlined image codes. They're crazy long. That's just my snottiness talking, though.
  • For opening links in a new window to be the default. I have to type my own target="_blank"s into every one. Who has that kind of time?
  • For them to give me my own horse. I've been waiting a long time now. Just saying.
No offense, Blogger. I love you, you know that.

I use Wordpress for some blogs and Blogger for others, and I've found Blogger to be easier on a day-to-day basis, but Wordpress to be prettier. I like monetizing my blogs, too, so Blogger wins there. But I'm a greedy bastard. Otherwise, you have to self-host Wordpress, and then you get into soooo much headache in updating, admin, etc, at least from a Mac standpoint. 

So, basically, nothing's perfect, but I appreciate what I have. I just put this out there in case, you know, Blogger is watching.


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