Reverbnation song widget

It's come to my attention that there's some confusion about the Reverbnation song-playing widget that's on individual song posts (such as "When Will I Become?" for an example).

There's no widget (as of yet) for posting an individual song widget, only a widget of all the songs your band has uploaded. (Widget is at the end of this post for reference.) Since I'm using the condensed widget on individual posts, it looks like it's playing one particular song only, but all the songs are there if you just hit the fast-forward button to scroll through.

I give you a hint on each post. Click the "When Will I Become?" post as an example and see that I say it's track #9. So you need to push the fast-forward button nine times in quick succession to hear that particular song.

Not the easiest solution, maybe, but there is one! Hope that helps, and happy listening!



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