Corin in October 2008

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Corin in September 2008

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Surviving your baby’s first year

parenting book review published in Catapult Magazine


Corin in May 2008

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Summer Vacation

No more pencils, no more books,
we chanted in glee,

the possibilities
a sun-drenched openness
in our chests.


When Will I Become?

A Life of the Ages song
lyrics by Steve Lansingh
music by Steve Lansingh & Amanda Caldwell

Download the mp3
Listen online at ReverbNation.com or below (track #9)


Official audio disclaimer/apology


The Delivery

Based on the painting Piazza d’Italia, by Giorgio de Chirico

They shook, and it was a done deal.
He would deliver the lion by train,
On a hot yellow evening
When the shadows stretched long
And the arches of the buildings
Kissed the windows, shuttered
Against the coming night.
The people prepared for the spectacle,
Flags waving gaily on the highest tower.

Plug: This poem was selected as a highlight poem by Robert Brewer! Huzzah!


Poem-a-Day Challenge — April 2008

Most of the following poems from April 2008 are the result of daily prompts from Robert Brewer through his blog Poetic Asides.

In honor of National Poetry Month, Robert hosted a Poem-a-Day Challenge so that participants would end up with thirty poems (or drafts of same) by the end of the month. I found it deliciously inspiring, and I'll present most of the poems here. Some I'm hiding due to privacy issues, and some because they're truly execrable. A poet has to have some sense of pride, right?

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