Why I am sitting here in yellow hair

That's not me to the right. That's some random person who apparently is famous or something. Whatever. I like her hair.

I found out she actually has quite dark hair naturally, and that has given me hope that maybe I, too, can have light brown hair with nice blond highlights. You know, what my hair looked like back in the day, before I aged and it got darker and darker.

Here's an upbeat and personable site I've been enjoying: Go Barbie Blonde

and this spazzy but still personable blog from a professional: Killer Strands

As it turns out, dark brown hair doesn't become light brown hair easily. It takes dedication and, apparently, weeks of work and multiple trips to Sally's Beauty Supply.

I've gotten past the red stage, and the orange, and now I'm into hello-yellow! One more bleaching oughta do it, and then it's time...to put all that color back in.

But maybe I'll be blond for a little first? Just to see if it's more fun.

I've done it before and apparently enjoyed it.

More recent pictures to follow...


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