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Love this one, from The Wittenburg Door:

Day 6
So I was loading up the last of the animals last week when I walk past my neighbor Roger, the Molech-worshipper. He looks up and says "Hey, looks like rain."

True story.

Day 31

You guys read this blog. You know I love my wife, right? But I swear, sometimes she just gets on my nerves.

"The roof is leaking, Noah."

"Noah, the sheep are soaking wet because the roof is leaking."

You know what? Sometimes Noah just needs a little Noah Time, okay?

Read the whole shebang at The Wittenburg Door.


Wordless Wednesday: Roasting marshmallows


Cleaning elf

One night recently, I went to bed crying — honest-to-goodness crying — that our house was such a mess. I'm pregnant, and that's what I do. I was truly feeling so overwhelmed by our inability to finish the sorting we'd started, my frustration with the chaos surrounding me, and the impossibility that we'd get everything done before the baby comes.

I woke up in the morning and left the boys sleeping in bed. I crept downstairs to find this:

living room

And this:


When Steve got up later, I asked him how long he had stayed up working on it. Till 6 a.m., he told me.

That, my friends, is love.

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