A poetry book makes a great Christmas gift! (hint, hint)

Swimming in the Wild, Wide Ocean, poetry collection by Amanda CaldwellYou know what would be perfect to receive or give for Christmas? That's right, my lovelies! A poetry book.

Might I make a couple suggestions?

There's Swimming in the Wild, Wide Ocean, Seasons of Verse: 1989-2009, a collection of poetry by Amanda Caldwell (hey, that's me!):

"Swim free from me / from this pool out into the / wild, wide ocean." These collected works span twenty years of Amanda Caldwell's poetry, from the tasks of school to the allures of nature, from the joy of married love to the grief of loss, from the first steps of parenthood to the rocky journey of faith. Arranged by season, the poems bring the reader full circle through a representative year of blessings, challenges, and transitions.

Buy it here at CreateSpace or here through Amazon. Shipping for a single item is cheaper through CreateSpace, but slower. If you want it to arrive in time for Christmas, opt for Amazon and free, holiday-guaranteed Super Saver Shipping if you order by Dec. 17. Here are all the Christmas ordering deadlines for Amazon. You can have books sent to yourself or to a gift address.

Amazon will also allow you to look inside the book for a sneak peek.

Another even lovelier volume is Courtney Cyr's Reflections on the Journey, which combines her poetry of healing and faith with her gorgeous macrophotography of nature.

Reflections on the Journey is a collection of poetry and photography by artist Courtney Cyr. While the pictures capture the beauty of nature across the changing seasons, the poems reflect the artist's own journey to heal, change, and understand her place in this life. Includes 37 full-color photographs and 16 original poems.

You can click on Preview from the book's page on Lulu.com and, you know, preview it. It's really astonishingly beautiful and would be such a meaningful gift for: poetry lovers, nature lovers, beloved mothers, artistic types, people with strong faith, people with weak faith, people going through seasons of healing, and people who need to go through a season of healing.

Priority Shipping on Lulu.com will get it to you in time for Christmas joy and is not too expensive (I know because I just bought myself a few to give!), so go for it.

ETA: Here's the link to buy Reflections on the Journey on Amazon! See Courtney's comment for shipping info.


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooooh, my first endorsement! Thanks, Amanda! You can also buy my book through Amazon (although you can't preview the contents there), which may be cheaper for single-copy purchases. The shippings is 3.99 per book on Amazon, and I think Lulu's shipping minimum was higher than that. Lulu is definitely better for multiple-copy purchases, though.

It's very sad that I don't know more people who are poetry minded, as I would love to buy more copies of your book to give as gifts.

Amanda L. Caldwell said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah, thanks for the info! I updated the post so that all three of my readers, one of which is you and one of which is Steve, will be sure to know all the details!

I feel the same way with your book. I want to give it to people who will appreciate it. Maybe I'll meet some more...

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