Loving as serving

Making a new batch of Muddy Buddies every time I run out,
       without judgment or query

Cleaning up our own muddy buddy
       without disdain or distaste

Hiding under a blanket
for hours
taking a 2-year-old
to the zoo

Fetching me a drink
from the fridge
a toothbrush
for the kid

Cleaning the place
for your mother-in-law
hanging up
my shirts

Knowing my love language
       even when I don't

And even though it's not your language,
       speaking it fluently.


Steven Lansingh said... Best Blogger Tips

I knew that slipping the love potion into the Muddy Buddies would work!!

Amanda L. Caldwell said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, how do you even know it's about you?

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

This is beautiful, Amanda--both the love and the artist expression of it. Have I told you lately how much you inspire me to write? Well, if I haven't, then I'm telling you now!

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