I have an Author Page on Author Central

I joined Author Central on Amazon and have a brand-spanking-new author page:


No, I didn't name it myself.

Amanda Caldwell Author Page at AmazonBut if you visit, you get to see:

      1. My lovely mug
      2. A list of ALL my published books (some authors' lists go on to 2 or 3 pages — show-offs)
      3. My mini-bio (some authors' biographies are full of all the highfalutin awards they've won)
      4. The scintillating discussions in the Amanda Caldwell forum (some authors actually do have some discussion going...but not many, so I don't feel too bad)
      5. And theoretically also...I tried to link my RSS feed from this AmandaCaldwell.com blog to my profile, but I have to post something to see if it shows up.

To wit, this post.

Oh, the synergy!


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